A Personal Update

This is the first of the personal updates I will be posting on this site. I am migrating my text and photo updates from other platforms to my own personal site where I own and control my data. Updating this site with new posts will motivate me to share more of myself with friends and family. This is a much more purposeful, and thoughtful activity than social media and will improve the relationships I have with those I care about over the internet.

The personal part of this site is very much a work in progress. I am planning to make it much more functional and aesthetically pleasing when I have time. As of today, I have at least put out the effort to create a peronal updates category, as well as include a very basic image gallery.

You can bookmark Brendan’s Updates to see all of my personal posts in reverse chronological order. I will be working on an RSS feed specifically for my personal posts as well as automatic notifications whenever I make a new post for people who wish to subscribe.

Here are some pictures from a couple of recent small hikes. We’ve been in the highlands a lot lately, and having Prior Lake to ourselves for a just a bit was very special.