Killarney Lake Video

Danielle and I, at this point, have a Christmas tradition of doing a hike around Killarney Lake. Last year we were not able since we spent almost all of December in the hospital, so it was very special for us to return this year in 2021. It was raining, but still a beautiful walk and very good for the soul.

I am hosting these videos on YouTube at the moment, and I hope to migrate them to local storage on my VPS at some point. Right now I am hosting this website on GitHub pages, meaning I am limited to a 100MB filesize: too small for these videos. I have been quite busy in the last couple of months upgrading my home server, and in the future I will do some work on the remote server so I can migrate this site over there. GitHub pages is not a permenant hosting solution.

I am still also trying to figure out a way to make push notifications happen for this blog, or possibly automatic emails, so people can be informed when I post and don’t have to check the page for updates.

2021 was a year of much good and bad. These hikes are, as always, some of the best moments, and we will do more in 2022.